the broken leg


one day, i was playing basketball with my friend in BIC. it was a rainy season.

i was feel cold at the time. before i played basketball, we had been given instruction by our coach. After that me and my friend did warming up. Our coach asked us to run like 10 around of the hall, 10 without the ball and 10 with the ball. after that he asked me for drink because he (my coach) knew my face so tired and bad mood because the weather.

my coach asked us to play a game. me and my friend started to play a game. when i tried to throw the ball i slipped and oh my god i fell down and my leg broken. not just fell down my leg hit my friend's body. suddenly i cried. everyone looked at me at the time and brought me to the hospital at the time too. but i knew my car not in there at the time.i can't walk so i can't take my phone on the locker. it is my bad day but, luckily in BIC there is a visit from the bone doctor because there was an injured of football player. my coach hu…
dialog  (one day vania and vanessa meet up in train station) Vania: hello
Vanessa: hi, vania. where have you been?
Vania: i have been searching for my bestfriend Nes: did you find what were you looking for? Vania: not yet.
Nes: may i help you? Vania: no, thank you nes. wait, where you  going to? Nes: i am going to Yogyakarta for study tour. How about you? Vania: i must go to jakarta to pick up my friend Nes: what's going on with your friend?
vania: we are going to singapore to watch music bank  Nes; wooh it's so cool Vania: maybe the concert will be start on august 16th 2017, do you want to go with me ? i already have one ticket nes: hmmm i think i cant join with you because i come back form Yogyakarta on august 15th, so maybe i feel tired  Vania: okee if you want to join with us you can call me yaa.
Nes: okayy thankyou vamia see you soon.


it's all about me

Hello my name is Vanessa. I was born in Bandung, April 21st 2001.
I am the third of three children. i live in Bandung and i'm one of the student in SMAN 3 Bandung.
speaking of hobby, my hobbies are skating, watching film , and travelling
i have went to Europe, Australia and Asia for travelling
i am not a very smart girl. i am the laziest girl in my class.
i hope in can be a doctor like my mother
an i wish i can study at UNPAD

 well now i want to tell you about my family. i have two brother, and he's name deli. he is the older brother and the second brother name is Kevin
my father is a businessman and my mother is a doctor

when i was 7 years old i had a dream to be a famous person HAHAHA, but its just 1 month
i had many dreams when i was a children but now i know that dream maybe hard to got
so i had a dream to be a doctor like my mom
but i think my passion is not to be doctor
i wish i can be a professional skater and i can be a professional coach skating
i want to make an ice rin…